In my work on paper I often find myself circling around a definition of still life in the 21st century, at times focusing in on banal missable objects that might be found in situ within view. Landscape is a noun and verb. My drawings and prints examine objects and scenarios marking our Capitalocene: a bubblegum machine selling Black Ops plastic grenades, a prison made mattresses. A plastic bag of dog poop throw on the sidewalk. Maybe I am zeroing in on zeroing out.

I once read that the ancient Egyptians were the originators of still life, depicting objects in highly codified mortuary rituals to impel them into the afterlife with the dead. What objects are death objects without our knowing? What objects compose and decompose our landscape at once? Is war and ecocide taking over everything, everywhere? What is still life?

I have been an artist-educator with Beacon City public school students for Dia: Beacon, an Emerging Writer at the Center for Book Arts in NYC, a Puffin Foundation grantee, and a visiting artist-printmaker at the Franz Masereel Centrum in Belgium.  In 2014 and 2015 I curated the Deep Air interdisciplinary poetry and visual art series at Olana, in Hudson, NY.  You can find some of my poetry here. You can find these or additional works of mine for viewing or sale by contacting me here or through Pierogi Flat Files in Brooklyn, here.